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Teaching Mathematics using popular culture

Title: Teaching Mathematics using popular culture

Author: Elana Reiser
2015 | ISBN-10: 0786477067 | 244 pages

Teaching Mathematics Using Popular Culture: Strategies for Common Core Instruction from Film and Television

Mathematics teachers often struggle to motivate their students. One way to cultivate and maintain student interest is for teachers to incorporate popular media into their methodology. Organized on the subject strands of the Common Core, this book explores math concepts featured in contemporary films and television shows and offers numerous examples high school math teachers can use to design lessons using pop culture references. Outlines for lessons are provided along with background stories and historical references.

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Handbook of Research on Media Literacy in the Digital Age

Title: Handbook of Research on Media Literacy in the Digital Age

Handbook of Research on Media Literacy in the Digital Age
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1466696672 | 560 Pages

With the current ubiquity of technological tools and digital media, having the skillset necessary to use and understand digital media is essential. Integrating media literacy into modern day education can cultivate a stronger relationship between technology, educators, as well as students.

The Handbook of Research on Media Literacy in the Digital Age presents key research in the field of digital media literacy with a specific emphasis on the need for pre-service and in-service educators to become familiar and comfortable with the current digital tools and applications that are an essential part of youth culture. Presenting pedagogical strategies as well as practical research and applications of digital media in various aspects of culture, society, and education, this publication is an ideal reference source for researchers, educators, graduate-level students, and media specialists.

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Dave’s Research Paper

Title: Dave’s Boring Research Paper: A Wonderful Examination in Gaming in Education

Author: Dave Ghidiu
English | March 13, 2016 | ASIN: B01CYUMOI4 | 28 Pages

In Defense of Video Games: A Complete View of Gaming in the Twenty First Century in the Framework of Education (with a Primer on Educational Technology).






Note: All the books presented in this blog. Include the original cover and review provided by the publisher. This information is used to accurately promote and show respect for these resources, the authors and the publishers.

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Digital Storytelling


Title: Visual Storytelling: Creating More Persuasive Presentations

Author: Prezi‘s Susannah Shattuck
Duration: 59m | Video: h264, , 1280×720 30fps | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, 2 ch | 1.10 GB
Genre: Skillshare eLearning | Language: English

Join Prezi’s Susannah Shattuck for a 60-minute dive into using the power of visual storytelling to create more compelling presentations.

Visual Storytelling: Creating More Persuasive PresentationsBite-sized lessons
  • define visual storytelling
  • show why it’s essential for a compelling presentation
  • demonstrate core principles through 4 real-world examples
  • provide frameworks for transforming your own key messages into visual metaphors

This class focuses on the structure and strategy for giving your audience a visual analogy for understanding your ideas — which means you don’t need any design or art experience to add this core skill to your professional toolkit. And, while you’re welcome to use Prezi, the lessons in this class apply to any presentation software you’d like to use.

This class is perfect for enterpreneurs, professionals, marketers, content strategists, and everyone who needs to hook, persuade, and resonate with an audience.

Title: Beginning Infographics: Information Driven Storytelling

Duration: 32m | Video: h264, 1280×720 30fps | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, 2 ch | 242 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Infographics are great—they share ideas and information effectively, work as essential communication tools and let’s be honest, they can look pretty cool.FoqZdjDmIXQPT2xJRCjEW8YOKVEj0FRF

Infographics are an amazing way to share new & interesting information with friends & audiences all over. It’s the reason why we see them so often—they are a great tool for distilling really complex ideas down into easily digestible stories.
Whether you’re an experienced designer with a desire to experiment with data, an ambitious student interested in seeing how we work on client projects, or maybe even a non-creative who wants to get some tips on how to better communicate information to their audience—we’re here to help you through your own personal journey.

What You’ll Learn
In this class, we’ll take you through the process, start to finish, learning about:

  • What makes an infographic “good”: concepts & theories
  • How to take notes and record data using your iPhone (or, other mobile devices)
  • Turning those notes into a visual story
  • Figuring out which points would do well as icons to mark definitive moments
  • The different approaches to producing an effective and attractive graphic
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ICT GCSE Resources in the UK System

ICT GCSE Revision

The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is an academically rigorous, internationally recognised qualification awarded in a specified subject, generally taken in a number of subjects by pupils in secondary education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland over two years (three years in certain schools). One of the main changes to previous educational qualifications in the United Kingdom was to allow pupils to complete coursework during their two years of study, which was marked by their teachers and contributed to their final examination grade. There has been a move recently from doing coursework and modular examinations for part of the course when pupils would take exams throughout the course to an end of year exam after the two years of study (a ‘linear’ series). The exams are being revised to make them more difficult such as testing skills from a whole text in English instead of part of a text. Coursework has now been replaced by Controlled Assessments in certain subjects, in which the student completes a number of assessed pieces of work which will ultimately count towards their final examination grade in the specified subject. The Controlled Assessment component of the qualification is usually done under exam style conditions. GCSEs being phased in from 2015 generally have little to no coursework/controlled assessment influence on the final grade. Here is a link to the Wiki article to find out more about GCSE implementation.

The GCSE ICT Revision section of Revision World

Revision World is part of a group of revision websites, offering you thousands of free GCSE and A Level revision resources and study help advice. Use Revision World to create your own free study planner or revision timetable.

BBC Bitesize Resources – ICT systems and their usage

Bitesize is the BBC‘s free online study support resource for school-age students in the United Kingdom. It is designed to aid students in both school work and, for older students, exams. The Key Stage 1 section covers 18 subjects: Art and Design, Computing, Design and Technology, English, French, Geography, German, History, Mandarin, Maths, Modern Foreign Languages, Music, Physical Education, PSHE and Citizenship, Religious Education, Science, and Spanish. The Key Stage 2 site covers the same 18 subjects. The Key Stage 3 section contains 33 subjects. The GCSE section of the website contains 37 subjects.

gcse Bitesize

Discovery Education Secondary is an online service that gives secondary school teachers access to 1000s of easy-to-use, engaging resources across 16 subject areas, with creative tools to make lesson planning quicker and easier.

Resources are created by experienced teachers and curriculum specialists, and draw from trusted sources, such as the Discovery Channel, Science Channel, Animal Planet and BBC Worldwide.  It is designed to empower teachers and inspire students’ curiosity about their world. Here is a flyer showcasing Discovery Education resources – DiscoveryEducation_Secondary

Finally there is a great site for ICT games and quiz resources called where you can search for free resources by topic.

Interactive ICT games & quizzes


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Book Reviews – Interactive ICT

Title: Interactive Videoconferencing and Collaborative Learning for K-12 Students and Teachers: Theory and Practice

Author: Panagiotes S. Anastasiades
2009 | ISBN: 1606921851 | 353 pages

Interactive Videoconferencing and Collaborative Learning for K-12 Students and Teachers: Theory and PracticeInformation and Communication Technologies (ICT) under pedagogical conditions can play a vital role in the structure of modern school. Interactive Videoconferencing (IVC) is a significant tool at the disposal of teachers and students, so that they can design and implement collaborative Learning activities at a distance. The application of videoconferencing in schools is significantly increasing but there is an obvious lack in the pedagogical design of educational videoconferencing programs.Technology alone is not efficient enough and there is a demand for a holistic pedagogical framework and a practical guide for the development and implementation of collaborative learning environments at a distance via videoconferencing. This book covers this need and supports schools, teachers and content providers to develop a variety of interactive educational programs through videoconferencing, aiming at the opening up of school to new learning, social and cultural environments.

The pedagogical utilisation of VC broadens the horizons in communication and collaboration in school classrooms world-wide, thus contributing greatly to the active participation of students in authentic environments of exploration and collaborative structure of knowledge and to the development of vital social skills.

Title: Using Technology With Classroom Instruction That Works

Author: Elizabeth R. Hubbell
English | July 30, 2007 | ISBN: 1416605703 | 258 Pagesusingtechclass_cov

What are the best ways to incorporate technology into the curriculum? What kinds of technology will support particular learning tasks and objectives? And how does a teacher ensure that technology use will enhance instruction and not be a distraction or a disconnected add-on?

Note: All the books presented in this blog. Include the original cover and review provided by the publisher. This information is used to accurately promote and show respect for these resources, the authors and the publishers.