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Kids and Programming? What’s the deal?

from the Guardian wrote an article in 2014 called “Why every child should learn to code” where he goes into a story I have heard a hundred times…

from the Telegraph wrote an article in 2013 called “Teaching our children to code: a quiet revolution” where she did the same …

Computers are everywhere… our supercomputer cell phones could stage another moon landing hoax … kids use computers but don’t know how they work… new jobs that need coding are being created all the time …

Unfortunately the message is not getting through. Here is Halifax, in 2016 it is pretty much not happening. We are not teaching our children at any grade to code. What is not understood about how important this is? Is it money or will to change or inertia?

I think we should hard children young and teach them programming in many forms.

Here is on good book for doing that.

Title: Programming for Beginners: Learn to Code by Making Little Games

Author: Tom Dalling
English | ISBN: n/a | 2015 | 90 pages

So you want to learn how to write code. As of 2015, software developers are in demand, which makes software development quite a lucrative career. I also think it’s a lot of fun. You type in some text, then the computer does what you say! And if you already own a computer then it’s basically free, other than the time that you invest.

Programming is a creative endeavour. You can create whatever you want, and then interact with your creation. It’s an eye-opening experience to make something that asks you questions, and responds to your answers. I hope you will have that experience very soon, as you start working through this book.

However, the learning curve can be very steep and frustrating. The majority of programming books and tutorials are made for people who already know the basics. They are too advanced for true beginners – people who have never written any code before – which makes them difficult to absorb if you are just beginning to learn.

You don’t need to know anything about writing code, or making software. You will need some basic computer skills – like downloading, opening, and saving files – but everything else will be explained here, step by step, starting from the very beginning.

This book is designed to be your first step into the world of computer programming. It teaches the fundamentals – the core concepts that programmers have used for over 50 years. With a knowledge of the fundamentals, you will have the ability to learn the more advanced concepts that come next.

Here is one great program that is doing that.



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